This year World Water Day is about what water means to people. The different ways in which water benefits our lives, is valued, and effectively protects them for everyone. Against the background of the theme this year Mrs. Sukarni Sallons, the Head of the Meteorological Service Suriname (MDS), Mrs. Reina Ormskirk who is the Deputy PS of the Water Department at the Ministry of Natural Resources, and two indigenous women from Kwamalasamutu, Ms. Endonie Savira and Ms. Jessalyn Tawardi, will tell us about the importance of water, what influence climate change has on water availability in Suriname and how important water is for their livelihood, cultural habits, well-being, and local environment.
Female small-scale farmers in Suriname mostly grow edible crops to provide food for their families, while men are more likely to focus on commercial crops. One of the aspects of climate change that puts pressure on women is the increasing number of bad harvests caused my extreme weather events. As a result, there is not enough food for the whole family. In the case of food shortages, it appears that the health of women and girls deteriorates faster than that of men (UN Women Watch, 2009).
Humanity needs leadership and solidarity to defeat the coronavirus
The PIF is a data collection tool which allows police officers to efficiently capture information when a crime/ incident is being reported such as details about the incident, the suspect and/or the victim.
The joint programme is funded through the UN Joint SDG Fund which has the objective to support countries to accelerate their progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A key part of this role of the UN Joint SDG Fund is catalyzing additional and innovative financing for the SDGs. This UN Suriname joint programme, a first on sustainable financing and supported by the UN Joint SDG Fund, supports the development of financing strategies and enabling frameworks for SDG investment in Suriname.
The project has started with the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items to the government partners of the project. In the new year, more institutions will benefit from this activity.

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