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We work with the Surinamese government, civil society organizations and the private sector to help Suriname drive and sustain growth that improves Surinamese's lives while protecting the environment. UNDP Suriname focuses expertise on three different areas: social development; democratic and people-centered governance; environment and natural resource management. 

Social development

Working towards significant improvement in the social and protection services architecture in Suriname, UNDP Suriname engages the Ministries of Social Affairs, Regional Development, and Youth and Sport, the Suriname Bureau of Statistics and community-based organizations (CBOs) to improve methodologies that properly characterize poverty and exclusion, provide adequate targeting of the collectives to be reached by these services, and incorporate ways to address income inequality, including by promoting linkages between sustainable livelihoods and poverty eradication. UNDP promotes the concept of multi-dimensional poverty measurement to adequately capture the extent of poverty and deprivation as reflected in health, education and standard of living.

Democratic and people-centered governance

Responding to the government commitment to improve its connection with the citizenry to deliver better social services and enhance the legitimacy of national institutions, UNDP Suriname seeks to broker greater interaction between the Government and its people. Its work on democratic governance will continue to emphasize strengthening of Parliament and other institutions while introducing new approaches targeted at greater civic engagement at every level of society to ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels (Sustainable Development Goal 16.7).

This work seeks outcomes that improve legislative capacity, inclusiveness, transparency and reinforced national capacities to effectively pursue human rights commitments. Actions in more downstream programming with direct contact/empowerment of the citizenry will also serve to support interventions in the social development, and environment and natural resource management programme areas.

Environment and natural resource management

Environmental factors play a highly prominent role in Suriname’s development due to a combination of a strong economic dependency on natural resources and marked vulnerability and exposure to the effects of environmental degradation. To address this challenge and based on lessons learned from the previous programme cycle, UNDP Suriname continues to have a significant environmental portfolio that makes the transition from a project-based to a programme approach, focusing on institutional capacities for environmental management, sustainable community livelihoods and climate change response/resilience.

The approach will be multidimensional and will include aspects of policy work, capacity-building and local/grassroots measures. Given the positive outlook for resource mobilization, this programme will also provide entry points into the other two programme areas. 

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